Still Love 12" LP
Still Love 12" LP
Still Love 12" LP
Still Love 12" LP
Still Love 12" LP
Still Love 12" LP
Still Love 12" LP
Still Love 12" LP

Still Love 12" LP

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Side A - 21:42
  1. Sunshine - 3:14
  2. Dark Sky (feat. SA Martinez) - 3:11
  3. Still Love (feat. Softcult) - 3:44
  4. Digital Self - 3:46
  5. Something Good - 4:12
  6. Wax Poetic (feat. Sister Void) - 3:34
Side B - 25:23
  1. Diorama - 3:54
  2. Cold Case - 3:44
  3. Cigarette Two-Step (feat. David Marion) - 3:55
  4. Humbug (feat. Heavenward) - 3:14
  5. Sprawled - 5:06
  6. Paloma a.k.a. Ketamine - 5:28

Speed: 33 ⅓ RPM

Teenage Wrist is
Marshall Gallagher - Voice, Guitars, Bass
Anthony Salazar - Drums, Voice, Percussion

Produced by Marshall Gallagher, Anthony Salazar, and Kevin McCombs
Mixed by Josh Wilbur
Mix Assistant Engineer: Kyle McAulay
Engineered by Kevin McCombs
Mastered by Ted Jensen
Additional Engineering by Sam Madill and Nathaniel Motte

Recorded at
The Steakhouse, North Hollywood, CA
Red Hawk Residency, Yucca Valley, CA
Guy Luxe Studio, Glendale, CA
Additional vocals on
“Dark Sky” by SA Martinez
“Still Love” by Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn
“Wax Poetic” by Lindsey Nico Mann
“Cigarette Two-Step” by David Marion and Nick Crawford
Additional vocals and bass on “Humbug” by Kamtin Mohager

“Diorama” Co-Produced by Nathaniel Motte
Additional production on “Diorama” by Ryan Osterman
Bass on “Cigarette Two-Step” by Kevin McCombs
Saxophone on “Sprawled” by Robert Pera
Cello on “Diorama” by Kent Osborne

Album Artwork by Colin Crane
Layout by Jason Link & Eli Rae
Logo by Alex Basovskiy
Photos by Lindsey Nico Mann

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